Private Client


We can discuss with you the many sound reasons why the formation of a family trust and the transfer of assets to it might work for you. While there are often common features to each trust arrangement, your particular circumstances need to be thoroughly reviewed before your trust documents are prepared.

A trust can be a useful planning exercise aimed primarily to protect your property and preserve it for yourself and your family. Events threatening the security of your assets such as business failure or relationship break-up can be a reason to explore the trust option, or you may simply wish to guard against erosion of your worth by an asset testing regime or some similar future financial risk.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We can advise you and prepare a comprehensive will and power of attorney. Advice on future property planning in general for yourself and your family is available.

For advice on trusts, wills and powers of attorney please address your enquiries to Ben Nettleton or Andrea Murchland.


Administration of estates including probate applications, realisation of assets, advice to executors and trustees and distribution are dealt with by an experienced practitioner in the firm.

Craig Smith can assist you.